Thursday, February 16, 2012

Putting a Price on a Pet's Worth | petMD

The debate continues on the issue of what is a pet's real value if the animal is harmed or killed through someone's negligence or intentional act. This is a well written article, by a vet, saying that even she is ambivalent about the true worth of a pet. On the one hand, she's a pet owner and would be devastated if she lost her own pet to someone's negligence. She says she wouldn't sue unless the act was extraordinarily egregious. I think she doesn't know the answer to that question until faced with the issue. On the other hand, she's a vet and benefits from the lower malpractice insurance rates. She actually pays less than $200 per year! (She says the doctors are probably gasping at that one - well so are the lawyers!) My firm's malpractice rates are substantially more than that!

Read the article for yourself. Keep your eye on the Texas Supreme Court and we'll see what happens.

Putting a Price on a Pet's Worth | petMD

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