Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dead Dog and 'Parents' Sue Vet for Malpractice | WUSF News

Here's a Florida veterinary malpractice case.  Meet Carmella the dog and her parents who filed suit against a Tampa Bay veterinary clinic.  Interestingly, the American Veterinary Medical Association doesn't keep statistics on how many veterinary malpractice suits are filed annually, but they do keep the numbers on how much Americans spend to keep their pets healthy - a whopping $28 million. 

Veterinary malpractice suits are hard to prove and even harder to collect damages.  The law is still changing but for now, most courts still view animals as personal property that don't have much value.  They might be priceless to us but to a court awarding damages, they are practically worthless.  As a result, it is difficult to find a law firm willing to take a veterinary malpractice case because contingency fees are nearly unheard of - the reward doesn't justify the expense.  As a result, many pet parents feel victimized when they have a legitimate claim and no way to get it resolved. 

Dead Dog and 'Parents' Sue Vet for Malpractice | WUSF News

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