Monday, November 11, 2013

November is Adopt-a-Senior Pet Month!

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Happy Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month! We have some great webinars coming to you this November that will help you adopt more pets and hopefully reduce the number of pets your organization must intake. So put your thinking caps on and join one or more of these upcoming webinars. 

Help Owners Plan for the Possibility Their Pets May Outlive Them
Presented by Amy Shever, founder, 2nd Chance 4 Pets
November 13 at 8 a.m. PST

It is estimated that close to 500,000 pets end up at animal shelters each year simply because their pet owners passed away or became too ill to care for them. Typically  “orphaned” pets do not do well in the shelter environment--they become despondent, won’t eat, and are labeled “unadoptable”. The webinar will cover:
  • What options are available to ensure “lifetime care” for pets including:
    • emergency planning
    • wills and estates
    • pet trusts
    • animal care panels
    • sanctuaries
    • perpetual care programs
    • willing a pet to rescue groups or shelter
  • How your organization can provide resources and education to your community of pet parents by:
    • Following-up with new pet adopters
    • Holding local workshops
    • Providing information in your newsletters and websites

Using Feline Evaluations To Boost Adoptions
Presented by Stacy McDonald, Site Manager - Coon Rapids location, Animal Humane SocietyNovember 6 at 12 p.m. PST

After a UC Davis consult, Animal Humane Society in Minnesota launched Bound for Home, a multifaceted initiative to improve quality of care, decrease length of stay (LOS), slash euthanasia rates, and drive placement rates. An important element of the initiative’s success was the development of a tool to evaluate felines. This webinar will cover the specific elements of the tool, how it was created, how you can use it to reduce feline LOS and increase health in your shelter.

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