Thursday, February 12, 2015

Petnups- Who Gets Fluffy?

"You may now kiss the bride!" This is how all marriages begin.  Unfortunately, not all married couples can withstand the test of time.  The question then becomes, "Who gets to keep the pet(s)?"
To avoid a potential conflict over the care and custody of your pets in the event of a divorce (or termination of the relationship in the event of an unmarried couple), consider what has been coined, a Petnuptial Agreement.  A Petnuptial Agreement is a premarital agreement, drawn up by the couples' attorneys that specifically addresses issues related to the care and custody of the couple's pets in the event of a divorce or dissolution of the relationship.  

Pets are an integral part of our family.  We care for them like our children. For some couples, the pets are the children.  Pet custody disputes can become very ugly and expensive. A Petnuptial Agreement will help prevent unnecessary stress and anxiety for the pet, as well as the human parties involved. The Petnuptial Agreement allows you to decide in advance who will be the primary caregiver for your pet, how custody will be shared, the division of responsibility related to ongoing daily care, veterinary bills and unexpected emergency situations.

Relationships don't always last forever.  However, your commitment to your pet lasts a lifetime; the lifetime of your pet. A properly planned and executed Petnuptial Agreement can provide both parties with the certainty that their loved pet(s) will be provided for in the manner they intend without an expensive custody battle.  If you have any questions related to estate planning for your pet, including the preparation of a Petnuptial Agreement or resolution of a pet related dispute, please call the Law Offices of Hoyt & Bryan (407) 977-8080 for an appointment today.  

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