Sunday, June 19, 2011

ASPCA | Hot Weather Tips

This weekend has been particularly hot in Central Florida. As a result, I wanted to post/repost some tips about hot weather and pets. NEVER leave your pet in a car without proper ventilation - they can die in less than 10 minutes. We've all heard horror stories of people leaving their children in car seats in locked cars, along with the tragic results. Same thing happens when you leave your pet in the car - they die! If you must leave your pet in the car, you absolutely have to leave the sun roof open - all the way and the windows down. Your dog has to be able to get fresh air. Don't believe me, sit in a closed car, see how long before you absolutely can't stand it.

This ASPCA article has lots of good hot weather tips, including tips regarding pets around pools. A friend just recently lost her older dog to a drowning accident. This dog was no stranger to water - had been in and around this pool its whole life. Dogs and cats need supervision around pools. One day I was on the pool deck with two of my dogs. They were chasing each other around the pool. In a split second, they both fell in. Funny, initially until I realized that unless you've taught your dog to swim and where the steps are, they may panic. Both my friend and I jumped in and retrieved the dogs. Another thing, Corgis don't swim well. Their legs are too short and their bodies too fat! If you have a pool, teach your dogs to swim and how to get out. There are even devices you can buy to assist your pet in the event of an accidental dip in the pool.

Be wise, be safe. Have a great summer!

ASPCA | Hot Weather Tips

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