Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to Handle a Veterinarian Who Won’t Let Up On the Yearly Vaccine Protocol | petMD

This is an issue I struggle with personally. Do our pets really need so many vaccinations? I appreciate Dr. Khuly taking this one straight on. Protecting our pets should be our first priority. However, over vaccinating and over medicating should not be at the top of the list. One of my horses, Tahoe, has extreme reactions to vaccinations so I'm hesitant to vaccinate him at all. He gets only the bare minimum of vaccinations and then only one at a time. I recently stopped giving him his annual rabies vaccine, thinking the chances of him getting rabies is probably pretty low and it's one shot he really reacts to.

My veterinarian, however, had some really good advice that as a legal practitioner I think is well-reasoned. He suggested that if my horse ever bit anyone that not having proof of rabies vaccine may result in an extended quarantine. So you might say, "my horse isn't going to bite anyone" and hopefully that's true. However, horses do bite, especially when we are sharing them with inexperienced little people who want to give them a treat. In fact, after saying this myself, Tahoe did actually get my finger as opposed to his carrot the other day. It wasn't serious and of course, I didn't go to the doctor. But...if someone is bitten and they do go to the doctor, the doc is required to report the bite. That's when the trouble can start.

So, protect yourself, and protect your pets. If you aren't sure of your legal rights regarding animal law (or as some might call it, dog and cat law), we'd be happy to receive your questions. Love your pets!

How to Handle a Veterinarian Who Won’t Let Up On the Yearly Vaccine Protocol | petMD

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